promote a Sierra Leone with well Educated and developed citizens for the future


    seeks to promote Agriculture and food security

  • Ecodev Recycle

    preserve the planet will save the futur of our children !

  • Every minute species disappear

    Stop the countdown of our exctinction !

Ecodev to aid Community development and promote agriculture and encourage food security in the Republic of Sierra Leone and also promoting tourism under favorable conditions and adding value to the existing tourist infrastructure of hotels, resorts, chalet and entertainment complexes, water sports game, fishing, jetties, marine and road transportation for tourists in strategic areas in the western rural areas of Sierra Leone.


To support the conservation and eco-tourism activities

To support the existing environmental education awareness program through tourism and education in schools, colleges, local groups and various communities for sustainable development of tourism as well as providing vocational training to the less privileged

To promote agriculture and food security in the community and Country as a whole

To support local social services activities in areas of operation to aid the improvement of the quality of life of the indigenes


Promote Agriculture and food security with well Educated and developed citizens for the future

 ECODEV’s mission is to enable, empower and enhance the capacity of marginalized groups by linking them with development opportunities and the social components necessary to alleviate the pernicious effects of poverty.


Protection of the Ecosystem is in Our duty

Water covers 75 % of the surface of the Earth, but drinkible water is less than 0.01% on Earth. What will your children drink?

Join the movement to make this world a better place !

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