There opened a new dawn for amongst the many successful records of the sub-regional Organisation upon wining the 2017 ENVIRONMENTAL CARE AWARD organized by Shout Climate Change Africa.

Welcoming the awards presenters on behalf of the Mano River Union Secretariat, Mr. Anthony D.B. Dweh, the Personal Assistant to the Secretary-general expressed his wholehearted appreciation to SCCA, and most especially the team that was present to the award presentation. He together with cross-section of MRU staff in Sierra Leone emphasized that it was a huge sense of responsibility for worthy Organisation like SCCA recognizing their efforts and contributions in the fight against climate change and other related environmental hazards.

The Chief Executive Officer for Shout Climate Change Africa Mr. Finnex J. Asibor in his presentation statement thanked the Secretary-General –Amb. Mrs. Medina A. Wesseh-Esq, and the entire Secretariat of Mano River Union for being environmental caring and a hardworking Organisation. He stated that “Mano River Union was nominated as Climate Change Humanitarian Organization of the Year Award. The award is to motivate and encourage countries, institutions, and individuals that have been supporting climate change issues nationally and globally”.

The Director –Shout Climate Change Africa Madam Doris Nenneh Massaquoi, while handling over the award on behalf of shout climate change Africa, proceeded as follow:“ I present to the Mano River Union This 2017 Climate Change Humanitarian Organisation of the Year Award; congratulations  you merit it keep the good work well.” Director- madam Massaquoi further added that the MRU Secretariat since 2004 when it was reinstated, despite years of numerous challenges during the first three decades of its inception, the activities of the organisation in terms of climate change has not been narrowed to its members; but also crosses to global environmental involvements/crises. She further commended the leadership efforts of the secretariat, on which ground they bagged this 2017 ENVIRONMENTAL CARE AWARDS.

Receiving the award on behalf of MRU, the Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Abu-Bakrr Tarawalie, remarked with his warm greetings to SCCA. He continues “On behalf of the of the Secretary-general who is currently on a MRU mission, I wish to thank this Humanitarian Organization- Shout Climate Change Africa for presenting this award to MANO RIVER UNION in recognition of its roles in terms of Climate Change and other environmental issues in Sierra Leone and the MRU as a whole. We duly and graciously appreciate this award and it shows the work the Secretariat has been doing in promoting CLIMATE CHANGE not only in Sierra  Leone but MRU; and currently there is a laudable project being coordinated by this noble institution which I believe may help significantly, and help in promoting climate change not only to MRU but also globally”. Once more we appreciate this award and we look forward for further climate change undertakings and other environmental affairs. The event was climaxed with a very warm applause by the staff of both parties and carpet photos taken.

                                                          NEWS (NIGERIA HIGH COMMISSION)


Shout Climate Change Africa is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Sierra Leone aimed at creating awareness and sensitization on the environment and Climate Change, has awarded two honorary awards to the Nigeria High Commissioner in Sierra Leone His Excellency, Ambassador (Dr.) Hadiss Ibrahim Ugbada.

This event took place at the Nigeria High Commission; 1 UMARU YAR ADUN CRESCENT HILL CUT JUNCTION, FREETOWN. Welcoming the Organization to the Commission, Charles Sona who is the Head of Chancery stated that, they have received honorary emails from Shout Climate Change Africa. He furthered that they were overwhelmed upon receiving such guests. Speaking on behalf of the Organization during the presentation of the awards, MR. Tamda Allen Bockarie who is the Field Officer-SCCA, stated that the awards were divided into three categories which he highlighted as follows; category one is the National Environmental Care Award which according to him is giving to Institutions and Individuals for supporting the nations on environmental issues. Climate Change Humanitarian award goes to countries and individuals that have provided aid or support to other countries towards Climate Change. The third category is Climate Change Pioneer Leadership award which goes to notable world leaders that supports the fight against Climate Change on our planet.

Mr. Allen maintained that these two awards were given to the Nigeria High Commissioner for the Nigeria Federal Government and the former President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo based on the role played by the Nigeria Government, and Chief Obasanjo during the Mudslide crises in Sierra Leone when the former President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo paid a Humanitarian visit to Sierra Leone.

The visiting SCCA team was highly welcomed by HIS EXCELLENCY; Dr. Hadiss Ibrahim Ugbada. H.E. (Dr.) Ugbada acknowledged his earlier cognizance of the Humanitarian Organization and its activities with particular notice on these 2017 undertakings. Being a onetime lecturer of a University, his focus has over the years been providing public lectures to students but not limited to that solely. He is also environmental focused. He affirmed that the government of Nigeria is all time readily available to provide support to S/L and to the SCCA with regards environmental issues and other related threats facing our planet. He continued that, with all appreciations, he shall present the said bagged awards to His Excellency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Chief Obasanjo respectively with much needed considerations. He emphasized that the government of the federal Rep. of Nigeria is willing and glad to not only partner with Shout Climate Change Africa, but to open its supports to the Organization for Humanitarian actions. His speech was applauded and commended for well delivery. The CEO-SCCA in extension, pointed out the criteria upon which the award was achieved such being; the humanitarian supports and roles of individuals, institutions and countries regarding Climate Change or other Environmental issues, which is not just the main threat, but also the current phenomenon affecting  global security.

He concluded that the awards are given to them to appreciate and motivate them to continue doing the resilient work. While, receiving the awards, H.E. the High Commissioner reiterated that the SHOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AFRICA is always welcomed as they continue to give their unflinching support to Sierra Leone and the Organization. He added that the relationship between Sierra Leone and Nigeria will never get awful and the admiration which the Organization has shown to Nigeria will be reciprocated.

In his closing statement, H.E stated that if somebody gives you a needle tomorrow he/she will give you an axe; in essence, greater things are expected from the Organization.